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Designed for any dentist looking to maximize practice growth, we’ve broken down the Business Masters Seminar into a series of captivating video modules. Then we teach you step by step, online, what we teach at the live seminar. With access, you can go at your own pace and refer back to the material at a later date.

  • 13 Modules
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Course Modules

Welcome to Business Masters

Mastering the Business of Dentistry26:14

You’ll get insights into the success of Breakaway and learn how building wealth can propel your practice to greater bounds. Learn now, what you can be doing today, to be even better tomorrow.

Measuring Your Practice’s Results

Manage What You Measure28:45

Metrics don’t mean anything unless you put them into action. Learn the exact key performance indicators that drive the success of your practice.

The Breakaway Model Explained08:59

Part of having an advantage over the competitors in your market means understanding what you should be doing, the right way.

Team Management With Systems

Managing Your Team with Systems08:24

Each member of your team has a vital role that must be performed seamlessly. You’ll learn how to completely systemize the entire office team in a simple and straightforward way.

Schedule Task List of Duties14:55

When you don’t have a scheduled task list of duties that each staff member must follow, many pertinent tasks tend to fall through the cracks.

Patient Task List of Duties17:22

Find out how to elevate your patients’ experience at your practice by implementing this critical process into your daily operations.

Auditing Your Team’s Performance14:37

Learn the true ways to measure your team’s performance and how to bring added accountability to each individual team member.

Improving Patient Conversion with Phones and Policies

Redesigning Your Phone Systems13:27

Find out how to optimize your phone system, right now, to immediately answer more calls and get more new patients scheduled.

Scaling with Virtual Schedulers08:16

You’ll learn exactly how to use this tool so it results in scheduling more patients, and more time for team members to focus on providing the best in-office experience to patients.

Rethinking Your Office Policies17:32

We’ll identify which office policies create barriers to entry for your practice, and which policies have the largest impact on converting new patients.

Scripting Your Calls for Conversion20:20

Are your receptionists trained to know exactly what to say on the phone to patients according to their specific needs? Having an effective set of scripts to answer phones is paramount.

Scheduling and Confirming Appointments, Better11:34

The words we use to communicate to patients can make every bit of difference in whether you’ll be able to retain their business in the long run.

When Outsourcing Makes Sense19:54

Learn when to utilize outsourcing, and how you can systematically meet the demands of your phones, insurance, and billing, all at the same time.

Presenting Financials to Increase Case Acceptance

Payment Options and Your Treatment Form27:44

Learn the Breakaway methodology of presenting finances the proven way, and the appropriate treatment forms to use.

The Importance of a Discount Plan07:00

Knowing all there is to know about offering discount plans to patients makes all the difference, especially if you don’t want to commit fraud.

Establishing an Official Warranty Policy05:58

When you have a warranty for something you purchase, you will go back to the store you purchased the warranty from for all of your product’s servicing needs.

Redefining the Patient Experience

Delivering the Wow Effect to Patients30:03

One thing every service-oriented business must understand is that providing a phenomenal, patient experience has to go hand in hand. And the business of dentistry is no different.

Presenting Treatment to Increase Case Acceptance

Presenting Cases as a Unified Team15:25

Learn how to quickly and easily bring a hygienist on the same page as the dentist, and completely eliminate the time-stresses between both departments.

Phasing Treatment to Improve Case Acceptance09:47

As a dentist, you can’t always perform multiple procedures on one patient in just one day. That’s why it’s important to learn how to diagnose and phase treatment for all types of patients.

Scripting the Treatment Presentation Process13:57

We’ll discuss which strategies work best, and review the proper scripts that dentists and team members should use to diagnose and gain case acceptance.

Optimizing Your Schedule for Maximum Profitability

Utilizing Provider Time Scheduling17:12

Learn the Breakaway methodology of how to schedule patients in a way where double booking is eliminated and production is increased.

Creating a Standardized Appointment Times Sheet09:40

Learn the proven methods for appropriately tracking time, and find out exactly how much time to schedule for any combination of procedures to maximize dentistry.

Restructuring Your Day for Efficiency09:05

The Breakaway method is the most productive and effective way to schedule a provider for both restorative and hygiene procedures with little to low stress.

Unlocking Your Hygiene Department's Potential

Using Hygiene Compensation to Increase Production10:46

Knowing how to pay hygienists, so they are motivated to be successful, while still doing what’s best for the patient is a vital aspect of unlocking your hygiene department’s true potential.

Increasing Productivity with Assisted Hygiene07:51

Fact is, assisted hygiene cuts overhead. Learn all the different aspects that go into implementing and managing assisted hygiene in a dental practice.

Improving Your Hygienists’ Patient Communications10:58

Learn how your hygienists can improve their communication skills with patients regarding perio needs, sealants, fluoride, and other procedures to increase case acceptance.

Managing the Human Capital of Your Practice

Implementing a Skill Based Compensation Model10:27

Learn how to manage human capital and find out how to motivate your team to learn more skills, do their best, and improve performance.

How to Vet and Hire the Best Talent13:01

Employing and retaining the best talent is important to the success of any practice. Learn how to vet and hire employees that will benefit your bottom line.

Focusing on Your Billing, Insurance, and Financials

Handling Your Billing and Insurance Better15:01

Most practices are letting money slip through their hands because they don’t have a meticulous process for handling billing and insurance better.

Understanding your Financial Dashboards 15:46

Learn how to understand your practice performance against practice targets, and the appropriate knobs to turn that will result in more profit.


What Are Your Next Steps?08:10

In this last module, Dr. Leune helps you figure out how to implement each strategy into your practice according to a strict, but realistic schedule.