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Business Masters Seminar

Master the business of dentistry.

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Learn the exact data-backed blueprint that’s helped hundreds of dentists take their practice from good to great with our Business Masters online seminar.

Breakaway Seminars is now available on ORCA, an all-in-one intuitive platform that streamlines business processes and provides education exclusively for dental practices.

Dr. Scott Leune

Founder of Breakaway Seminars

Unlock your practice’s growth potential

Described as “life changing” by past attendees, the Business Masters Seminar teaches dentists how to effectively manage their practice, how to build wealth and how to become financially successful.

Learn how to optimize every system of your dental practice

Dr. Thanuja Kularatne

Dr. Thanuja Kularatne

What a wonderful seminar. Really impressed with all the content and the depth of material covered. One of the best CEs ever for the money spent.
Dr. Sean Bannan

Dr. Sean Bannan

Definitely a must do course if you have any inkling on how to properly manage a successful, sustainable practice.
Dr. Brandt Brooks

Dr. Brandt Brooks

Wow! What can I say! This was the best seminar I have ever attended. It was extremely informative and kept my attention the whole time!
Dr. Andy Setaputri

Dr. Andy Setaputri

This was definitely one of the most helpful and useful seminars I’ve been to! I highly recommend it, and make sure you bring your team with you (I didn’t, but wish I had) as it will make it easier to implement what you learn.
Chris Zimmerman

Chris Zimmerman

Incredibly educational and I highly recommend it for the growth of your practice! Very professional and well put together! They obviously have systems for their seminars!
Dr. Pierre Ghattas

Dr. Pierre Ghattas

There are so many things to take away and implement after this Business Masters Seminar. I believe every practice owner needs to hear your simple fixes and improvements for many things that dental practice owners have been doing wrong for years.

Re-engineer the core
systems of your practice

Learn step-by-step instructions to help you generate substantial new patient flow and dramatically increase your profit.

Measuring Your Practice's Results

View key performance indicator tracking and reporting and get an understanding of how to use the data presented to your practice’s advantage.

Team Management with Systems

Systemize your entire office team using “how-to” guides to ensure your practice is profitable, brings accountability to staff members, and works long-term.

Improving Patient Conversion with Phones and Policies

Learn how to fill the hygiene schedule and confirm appointments, including the specific verbiage and scripts used to increase success.

When Outsourcing Makes Sense

Explore using inbound phone training to dramatically increase new patients scheduled while also decreasing your missed call rate.

Presenting Financials to Increase Case Acceptance

Study P&L statements, and what items set the most profitable practices apart from average or underperforming practices.

Redefining the Patient Experience

Master the art of communicating with patients to increase referrals and case acceptance, as well as service steps, products, and patient perks.

Optimizing Your Schedule for Maximum Profitability

Grasp how to schedule patients efficiently in order to eliminate double booking while increasing production.

Unlocking Your Hygiene Department's Potential

Implement and run low-stress assisted hygiene, as well as what to pay hygienists so they are incentivized to be successful while still doing what’s best for patients.

Focusing on Your Billing, Insurance, and Financials

Follow up on unpaid claims and overdue patient payments. Learn how to approach insurance verification with tools and techniques.

Experience Breakaway In Person

Fully Immersive Experience in San Antonio

Enhance your learning experience with an in-person seminar led by Dr. Scott Leune and surrounded by other successful dentists. This riveting training will change the course of your career in dentistry.

More online seminars in 2020

Over the next few months, we’re unveiling each one of our in-demand seminars in digital format.

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Thousands and thousands of dentists across the country have attended this seminar. It's always sold out until now. Enroll online, and take this life-changing course from the comfort of your home office, at your own pace.



You will see the business side of dentistry in an entirely new light. I’ll show you what knobs to turn, what buttons to push, and which levers to pull — all based on data — to significantly increase your practice’s profitability.

About Scott Leune, DDS

Dr. Scott Leune built one of the fastest-growing startup practices in the country with over 350 new patients per month. Noted in award-winning publications such as Forbes and interviewed on leading networks like FOX Business, Dr. Leune is committed to helping dentists, practice owners, specialists, and dental associates understand the business side of dentistry as it relates to dental entrepreneurship.

Change the course of your financial future.

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